Half of Faith

two dandelions

The Prophet Muhammad Shalallaahu ‘alayhi Wassallam said..

“When a man marries, he has fulfilled half of his religion, so let him fear Allah regarding the remaining half.” (Marriage quotation from Bayhaqi)

Being married forces you to fine tune those not-so-great- aspects of yourself and strive to be better. Love comes in here too. When you are in a loving relationship (and in love and loved), you have this amazing reservoir of energy within you that allows you to flourish and nurture. It brings out the best in you and makes you strive to be better because someone cares and loves you; and vice versa.

It is kind of like how we instinctively react to another’s perception of us, when they think well of us and believe in us, we want to do even better; but when they disparage us we will get defensive. Is it any wonder that our beloved Prophet said that marriage is half of the faith?

~ simply quoted from @islamicthinking ~

[ image source: Pinterest ]


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