Why Do You Cover Your Beauty With Hijab ?

hijab is a crown muslimah wear on their hair...

Why do you cover your beauty with Hijab ?
Because Allah, My Lord order me to do so. And as a Muslim I just hear and obey.

Why do you cover your beauty with Hijab?
Because my beauty is for my husband to see, not the world.

Why do you cover your beauty with Hijab ?
Because hijab is a protection for woman. Like a rose protected by its thorn.

Why do you cover your beauty with Hijab ?
Because hijab help my opposite gender to lower their gaze.

At the end of the day, you, the person wearing hijab must do so wholeheartedly in the eyes of Allah. For His eyes only. If you choose to wear hijab, be strong and firm about it and don’t let other people influence you in any way. Just follow the previous path, the Ummahatul Mu’minin. There’s no other perfect role model.

There is nothing in your hijab to be ashamed of, as it is the garment of the righteous and pious female worshippers of Allah. Are you shamed that you worship Allah, that’s why you avoid the use of hijab? Few sisters says they love Allah and Prophet Muhammad, but when it comes to hijab.. why they forget His orders?

Dear Muslimah, you are like diamonds, even more important than diamond. You are “the hidden precious pearls/gems” that Allaah has created. Hijab is not oppressing you. It is liberating you. It clearly shows that Muslim women have much more value and respect.. than the women who show off their beauty.

Do not be envious of the disbelieving women..
They only have this life to enjoy, while the believing women will have Paradise ♥

“Modesty and Eemaan are companions, when one goes away the other one goes away.” [Al-Haakim and others]

~ From my Timeline this morning with hashtag #hijab . Some source are taken from the article Hijab is a Woman’s Real Beauty!

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