The Real Freedom

lady in black niqab

They may say I am oppressed

They may say I am in prison

They may say I suffer injustice

They may say I lose my freedom as a woman

They may say how can I stand in that hot day

With this kind of fashion..

But let me tell you darling..

All that I feel is completely comfort and free

With this kind of fashion I am in peace

It’s tough to explain how it feels

It’s just the sort of thing that can only be felt, not said.

Hijab  for me..

Is the highest appreciation of my value as a woman

This is the real freedom

And as a woman..

I’ve never been better.

~ Jakarta, dedicated to all people out there who say I am opressed with this fashion I wear, as you see.. This is my answer :’)


[ image source: Tumblr ]


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