Hand in Hand

In the darkest hours. Ups and downs of life. Tears. Uneasiness.
Mirth. Laughters. Hesitation. Difficulties.

Times when our souls felt so weary.
Situations when we feared that we shall never get through.

But when I look over my shoulder, it feels glad to find you there.
Hand in hand, we fix it altogether.

A warm embrace. Giving me the most inspiring smile I’ve ever seen.

“Qaddarallaahu wa ma syaa’a fa’al..” 

There must be a blessing behind all of this..

And I’m not gonna quit. I’ll keep walking.
I believe I’m stronger than this. I’ll get thru this.

All I have to do is never lose my faith in Allah.
And with that kind of faith on my side, there’s nothing to worry….

umbrella and rain gif

 ~ Depok, 2006-2007. In rain. Along that memory path. ~

[ originally posted on my Facebook Notes ]

[ image source: Tumblr ]


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