A Strong Fighter

red flower..

When your heart is cracked
When days come at its worst part
When the scars seems never healed

When the pain feels so unbearable
When your tears are dried with misery
When you realize, there is no turning back..

Just take a halt for a while, just a little while
Shed your tears, release all your burdens.
Scream your heart out.

Then breathe, just breathe..
Calm down, pull yourself together.
Contemplate, there is always be a lesson..

A lesson of life that teaches you to stand up, high..
Makes you stronger than before
Be tough! No matter how rough!

Remind yourself that everything is gonna be okay
Remind yourself that you deserve something better

Remind yourself that life goes on, no matter what
Remind yourself that this.. is just another test of life

It’s just the way this all was meant to be..

And never, ever, you lose your faith in Allah
For there is a reason unknown

So chin up, raise your head
Let go, move on, stay strong

Another morning, another sunshine, another day
A new chapter is waiting. A new beginning..

From every wound there is a scar, and every scar tells a story
A story that says, I survived.

No, I am not broken..
I am just being tested by Allah 🙂

“I’m thankful to those who have put me down, because each time they tried to make me fall I only  became stronger. Cause when life’s get tough, you have to get through. No matter what. Be strong!”

“You’re beyond blessed to be in your situation; no matter how hard, no matter how difficult. Others didn’t make it through and you’re standing there with your battlescars. Alhamdulilaah.” 

~ Jakarta, April 2014..  inspired by the story of a strong woman with tough personality. As she said: “Fight!”

© aisyafra.wordpress.com

[ image source: WeHeartIt ]

6 thoughts on “A Strong Fighter

  1. I don’t know why in this night, when i read this, my tears dropped. It’s an emotional writing. Very touched.. :’)

    “no, i’m not broken
    i’m being tested by Allah”

    ~aristia pratiwi meliawati / ummu ayyub ris~

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