A Place Like Home


11. 40 PM.

Tomorrow, I’ll leave this town, me and my little family. We’ll spend the rest of this Ramadhan at my hubby’s hometown, Cirebon, West Java. We’ll celebrate Eid there too, insha Allah.

Bags and suitcases are packed. Snacks and drinks for kiddos are checked. Everything is alright. We’ll depart very early tomorrow morning to catch the bus. Hope the traffic is not that hectic anyway.

But somehow, tonight.. I feel something is missing. Or exactly I’ll be missing for something. I don’t know how or what. But this is just the way how I really feel..

I’m gonna miss my beloved fam..

I’m gonna miss this cozy and homey place..

I’m gonna miss my bed and pillows..

I’m gonna miss my shabby-but-not-chic kitchen..

I’m gonna miss my mini library, a place where some friends called books live there..

I’m gonna miss standing near my bedroom window, watching as the ray of the sun peeking through the trees..

I’m gonna miss my loyal partner, my sewing machine..

I’m gonna miss my stacks of lovely fabrics..

I’m gonna miss a night like this. Sitting alone in my room, dropping some lines on this journal enjoying solitude.

Going back to hubby’s hometown, seeing people I rarely meet is definitely a pleasure. Big family reunion, delightful culinary, a totally different atmosphere. We’ve waited so long for this chance. But staying here.. spending times at my own little palace is another thing.

We can travel as far as we want, to many beautiful places around the world. But in the end, home is a place we always come back and return. No matter how far we wander.

Well, sometimes we can’t have all we want at the same time, can we? There is a certain place and time for everything. This what makes life worth living for.

Anyway, happy holiday, mudikers! We’ll join you soon. Really really soon 🙂

~ Jakarta, almost midnight at the 24th days of Ramadhan.. as written on my journal tonight

[ image source: Tumblr ]


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