Do Not Give Up

fly away..

Who told you
That the best part about you
Is your negative space?

Who told you
That your laugh lines
Are a burden?

Who told you
To say “I’m fine”
When someone asks you
How you’re really doing?

Who told you
That wet eyes
And tear filled cheeks
Are something to be
Ashamed of?

Pick yourself up.
Dust yourself off.

As long as I am breathing

I will not let you
Throw your soul into a waste compactor.

You are allowed to

Take up space and
Show emotion and
Finish your plate and
Forget your weight and
Smile your brightest and
Cry your hardest but

Do not give up.

~ THIS ISN’T YOUR HOME BUT YOU STILL BELONG HERE (2014) by Keaton Webb (via anditslove)


[ image source: Pinterest ]

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