And He Loves You, Still…

lovely couple

“For all the times you bit your husband’s head off
rolled your eyes
slammed a door
threw a tantrum that semi resembles the ones of your youngest child..

Ignored a call
played hard to get
sent an angry text
and unloaded every moment of your worst day onto his shoulders…

And he still loves you,
forgives you,
is patient with you,
carried the burden,
hugged you anyways,
made you laugh later,
and didn’t bring up your worst and ugliest moments
that only he, in all of humanity, gets to witness…

For all those times, thank Allah..
make du’a for your husband
and seek forgiveness for the flaws that make you human.”

[Quoted from page Wives of Jannah]

Reading that, suddenly tears stream down my face.

Dear husband…

Thank you for loving me just the way I am,
for keep forgiving me time after time,
after everything that I’ve said and done.

Thank you, Allah…

For writing down his name next to me
before the sky was introduced to the sea
for he is one of the greatest gift that You’ve sent to me..

I am blessed.


~ Jakarta, on a sunny afternoon at the end of Ramadhan 1436 ~


[ image source: Tumblr ]


6 thoughts on “And He Loves You, Still…

  1. Masya Allah ukh,mewek anaaaa ijin copas ya ukh..mau sebagai ucapan & hadiah buat suami ana ,barokallahufiik ukhtiy jazakillahu khairan

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