Be You~


Be you. Do you.

The people will talk, expect that.
Expect that if you conceal or reveal your body.
Expect that if you have beautiful manners or bad habits.
Expect that as long as you are a living and breathing creature of God, they will talk.
Let them talk.

Be you. Do you.

Because when you race the Sun in waking up in the morning,
All your intentions are for Him.
And when you follow the Moon in sleeping at night,
All your actions would have been for Him.
So let them talk.

Walk away with your head held up high.
Knowing that every single thing you are doing, has a reason.
And the reason is the Qur’aan and Sunnah.
The reason is your purpose.

The reason, is Him.

~ Another great thoughts by nonchalante ~


[ image source: Getty Images ]


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