Money Oriented People


“There are times when we feel that we are loved, only for the things that they could get from us and not for who we really are..”

Ada orang-orang yang dekat dengan kita karena ada maunya. Karena ada udang di balik batu. Penuh kepentingan. Penuh tendensi.

Mungkin karena kita populer.

Mungkin karena kita memiliki kedudukan.

Mungkin karena kita kaya dan berharta.

Mungkin karena kita menguntungkan mereka secara materi.

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If we are truly happy.. We just simply feel it. Enjoy it. We don’t need any validation or affirmation from others. Happiness is here within our souls, not what people assume from our outer appearances.

Terkadang, semakin seseorang berusaha keras mencitrakan dirinya happy and super (which actually not), akan semakin terlihat kalau sebenarnya ia cuma “trying hard to look happy and super”.

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