If we are truly happy.. We just simply feel it. Enjoy it. We don’t need any validation or affirmation from others. Happiness is here within our souls, not what people assume from our outer appearances.

Terkadang, semakin seseorang berusaha keras mencitrakan dirinya happy and super (which actually not), akan semakin terlihat kalau sebenarnya ia cuma “trying hard to look happy and super”.

Mereka yang hidupnya benar-benar happy, akan terlihat dengan sendirinya tanpa harus terus menerus speak out loud…

“I’m so happy, I’m so blessed, my spouse is adorably perfect, my kids are amazing, etc.”

Mereka yang dirinya benar-benar super, tak akan merendahkan orang lain untuk meninggikan diri. Super people with beautiful souls always humble and down to earth. They never mock others. Instead, they inspire and encourage them.

Nope. Nggak perlu statement atau pengakuan dari orang lain bahwa hidup kita 100% perfect. Nggak perlu terus menerus hidup dalam kepalsuan dan pencitraan semu.

The happiness is here, inside of you. Happiness is your state of mind, not what people think or say about you. Dan bahagia versi kita, boleh jadi berbeda dengan bahagia versi orang lain. And it is very okay πŸ™‚

It is okay to have numbers of dirty dishes, piles of laundry or lack of sleep because of crying babies.

It is okay to not cook some meal for your fam today because you were just very tired to take care of other important things.

It is okay to have a light argument with your spouse, sometimes.. Some fights, argues and make ups are signs of healthy relationship. It simply makes you know each other closer.

It is okay to finally raise the white flag: no matter how hard I try, my house is always a mess. And keep yelling, shouting, complaining are not going to change anything. So I better sit back and relax. Enjoying what I have now, while it lasts.

It is okay to experience roughness in life, it shaped you into a tough and strong fighter, anyway. It made you who you are today.

It is okay to have a handful of times you wanted to give up because things not going on your way. Then remind yourself back then, “If life on earth is temporary, what makes you think that your problems are permanent?”

It is okay to be not -what so called super Mom- because you decide to choose lowering your standards in order to be happy. You decide to choose letting go of the things you cannot handle, so you can set yourself free.

It is okay to have a bad day sometimes, it will make you more appreciate the goodness in life.

It is okay to be your true self and simply don’t give a damn to what people might say about your life. Your life is yours. Never let others determine how you feel and act.

It is okay to laugh at your own silly mistakes, learn a lot from that, move forward, and transform yourself into a better you.

Yes, it is okay to be an imperfect person who leads an imperfect life. It’s okay to admit it all, dear.. We’re only human with limited time and ability. So accept that, compromise and go on.

Because you know what? A perfect and flawless life doesn’t exist. Never in this world. For jannah is our final destination πŸ™‚

~ Jakarta, on a serene morning of October 2015.. yes, it’s just okay not to be perfect πŸ™‚


[ image source: WeHeartIt ]


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