Letters to Myself

book and glasses

  • You must learn to value yourself. You must learn that you matter, that you deserve the best, and that you should never settle. Don’t settle for company just because you feel lonely, don’t settle for an acquaintance just because you want a friend, don’t settle for a person just because you want to get married, don’t settle for a cheeseburger just because it takes twice as long to get a steak. What you want, want it. What you want, work for it. What you want, get it.
  • Don’t let anyone look down at you nor speak down at you nor raise their voice at you. You deserve to be respected and if the people around you can’t give you what you deserve, turn around and walk away. Let their screams turn to echoes and keep walking.
  • Never trust a heart that thinks for itself or a mind that feels on its own. I don’t know what this means just yet, but in time I will understand.
    What begins with intensity, ends in tragedy. Remember that.
  • Don’t compare your wants and needs with anyone else. Some flowers bloom at night, some bloom in the morn. Know what you, as an individual want. Know what you, as an individual needs.
  • In order to have a successful, fulfilling, and sincere relationship with others, first begin by establishing and striving to continuously improve your relationship with Allaah and yourself.
  • You always making time for others, learn to make time for yourself. Spend an hour alone in a place of solitude, a place of calm, a place of familiarity and learn about yourself. Hear your thoughts, feel yourself breathing, listen to you. Look for yourself and although you are not the least bit lost, you have misplaced yourself in her, in him, in all of them. So find you and learn you and be you.
  • Within each of us is a mind, a body, and a soul that can hold the weight of the entire world and then bring it to its knees. Please never think that you don’t possess any power, that you are unable to make changes, that you are just here. You were made for so much more than you believe. You matter. You are a person who matters. You are made of a body, a mind, and a soul and all of you matters.
  • You never have to raise your voice to get anything you want; but learn to give strength to your words; on that alone your voice will be heard.
  • If you’re an emotional person, be an emotional person; but learn logic. If you’re a logical person, be a logical person; but learn emotions.
  • Never apologize for writing too much. If it’s therapeutic to you, do it.
  • Never trust words, listen to actions and you’ll see the truth.
  • Never settle for being mediocre.
  • Never allow compliments to fulfill you.
  • Never let others dim your shine.
  • Try not to let others get to you.
  • Try seeing matters from different perspectives.
  • Try to always give yourself (and others) another chance.
  • Always know what you want, who you are, who you want to be, and how to be that.
  • Always allow yourself to feel, to pain, to break down.
  • Always remain true to what you want out of life.

~ Quoted from Nonchalante, one of the most inspiring blog I’ve ever read.

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