into the deep

Everything You Do

two of a kind..

Allah sees everything that you do for your husband even when your husband fails to notice the little things. Nothing is being forgotten and nothing is being left off your record.

An angel is recording every good intention you are thinking about, even if you can’t follow through, and writing down every kind and loving action you do take action on, knowing that Allah will increase your reward.

For every moment you picked up his pants and socks off the ground for the one hundredth time as it lay inches from the laundry basket..

For every cup of tea you’ve made with just the right amount of sugar..

For each dinner you have prepared and served with love and patience..

For every trip to the store to replace worn out socks, lightbulbs, salt, shampoo, and milk..

For each time you stopped focusing on winning an argument..

For each egg you’ve scrambled, load of laundry you’ve sorted, and floor you’ve swept..

For each time you sprayed perfume, reapplied your eye liner and tried to smooth down your hair..

For all those moments where you were exhausted from tending to the kids, but you still smiled at him when he walked through the door..

For every hug, every flirtation, and every compliment you gave him..

For every time you told him to just trust in Allah and be firm in his faith..

Allah has a messenger recording and He will reward you for everything you do for your marriage and husband.


~ Wives of Jannah ~


[ image source: Tumblr ]


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