When Will It Be Enough?


When will it be enough?

When it is half past noon and your words stumble in, intoxicated by bad decisions, and you reek of regret?

When you realize the void in your heart as you prostrate, can not be filled with negligence of Allaah and your obligations to Him?

When you realize that every fleeting thought from yesterdays and yester nights stops to happen in your mind, the moment you say ‘Takbeer’? Continue reading


Jealousy on Social Media


“Most people on social media present the “best version” of who they are. Nobody really shares their darkest moments or the many hardships people go through. It gives the illusion that their life is “perfect” when in reality we all go through things that challenge us to do and become better.

Comparing your life to others has become so easy, a simple click that makes you feel like you’re not good enough, you’re not having as much fun, or your life might be boring. All of this comparison actually affects your self-esteem and confidence level. You lower your ability to grow, because you shun yourself.”

~Quoted from @idillionaire

The best and the worst moments of my life don’t make it to social media. What I post is honest, what interests me, and pieces of who I really am. I am frankly being myself.

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Mengapa Harus Selektif Memilih Teman?


“Pilah-pilih teman? Sombong amat, memang situ yakin udah lebih baik dari mereka?”

That’s what some people said. Well, I just smiled anyway.

In my opinion, jika tidak pilah pilih teman dalam muamalah urusan dunia, maka laa ba’sa, tidak mengapa. Kaya miskin, anak pejabat dan anak rakyat jelata di mata kita harusnya sama saja. Manusia tidak dilihat dari derajat dan kedudukan dunianya.

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‘Relationship Goals’ Menurut Mereka


Rasanya miris banget lihat kelakuan anak-anak abege tanggung plus abege tua jaman sekarang di medsos, especially IG. Nggak malu-malu lagi kissing, necking, making out di sembarang tempat.

Di public space, kamar, kolam renang, lantas diunggah di akun mereka. Privacynya disetting public pula. Semua orang bisa lihat dan berkomentar.

Yang lebih ngenes lagi, baca komennya dedek-dedek yang baru ‘meletek’ kemaren sore macam ini,

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