Dua Pilihan

look forward

Ada dua pilihan ketika kita memandang kesuksesan orang lain:

1. Sakit hati, iri dan merasa tersaingi, bahkan mencari cara untuk menjatuhkan.

2.  Merasa bersyukur dengan pencapaian saat ini, termotivasi untuk berusaha lebih baik lagi and never give up.

Pastikan bahwa kesuksesan orang lain adalah pelecut semangat kita untuk berusaha lebih baik. To keep doing better and trying harder.

Not feeling low or inferior. Nor being evil and mean towards other.

Everyone has their own path to success. Along with their own obstacles, mistakes, lessons, rise and fall.

We never know the struggle they’ve been through. We never know how rough the road to finally reach the place they are standing right now.

Compare yourself ONLY with the older version of yourself. The person you are today, should be better from the person you were yesterday.

Look at yourself. You have walked this far. And there is much more to gain if you keep walking and doing the things you love.

So never lose faith in yourself. Never, ever.

~ Jakarta, on a peaceful Monday morning of November 2016..

© aisyafra.wordpress.com

[ image source: Tumblr ]


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