Welcome to Marriage Life :)


You need to know that marriage isn’t easy all the time. You will disappoint your husband sometimes, and you will get off track.

You will say things you don’t mean, neglect things you shouldn’t, and have to take yourself to account often.

Welcome to being a married human  πŸ™‚

A human, who is meant to make mistakes, can’t keep beating itself up for being it’s own nature. Instead, you have the option to press the “reset” button.

Sometimes, you are just going through a rough patch. It happens to everyone from time to time. During these moments, remind yourself of the following:

  1. Why you married your spouse.
  2. Your akhirah goals resulting from your marriage.
  3. That the good memories still define you both and you can create those again.

You reset back to who you want to be, and then make amends to be her. You set the bar, you raise that bar, and you strive for it for the sake of Allah.

If you have to apologize, then go for it and know Allah is pleased with the one who does so first.

β€œIt is not lawful for a Muslim to desert (stop talking to) his brother beyond three nights, the one turning one way and the other turning to the other way when they meet, the better of the two is one who is the first to greet the other.” [Bukhari]

If you want to do something nice to make up for dropping the ball, then do it!

But sitting around hating on yourself doesn’t repair anything, and only brings you down further, and leaves your husband even more in the dark.

Repair and reset for the sake of Allah. Just hang in there, make du’a, and keep looking for ways to move through things!

~ Another beautiful reminder by Wives of Jannah ❀

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