The Most Precious Gift

Some people say.. Love and affection are only about material things.

It’s love, when you buy them expensive stuffs, nice car, fantastic jewelry or take them overseas, travel to the prestigious places around the world.

It’s love, when you ask them to hang out in a luxurious lounge, or always pay their bills with all the money you have.

But little did they know, cinta dan pengorbanan, tak hanya soal materi. Ketika seseorang menghadiahkan kita suatu benda yang kasat mata, suatu saat nanti, mungkin kita bisa membalas dengan memberikannya hal yang serupa. Bahkan sama persis.

Tapi ketika seseorang memberikan kita sebagian dari waktunya, mengorbankan sebagian dari hidupnya… Dapatkah kita membalas dan mengembalikannya dengan hal sama persis atau mungkin, yang serupa?

“When you give someone your time, you are giving them a portion of your life that you’ll never get back.” ~Unknown

People say time is money. But actually it worth more than just money. We can always make more money. But we can never make more time.

Waktu jauh lebih bernilai daripada uang. Waktu adalah bagian hidup seseorang yang tak akan pernah terulang.

Mereka yang senantiasa berada di sisi kita, mengorbankan sebagian dari hidupnya untuk kita tanpa diminta.. Adalah satu di antara hal-hal yang tidak bisa dibeli oleh uang di dunia ini.

We can’t buy loyalty and sacrifice from sincere people. They never sell it for money. Only cheap people do. And yet we’re still taking that precious gift for granted.

We often forget how precious it is to have a shoulder to lean everytime reality feels so hard to bear . Yet we’re still ignoring and pushing them aside.

We have a very limited time, a very limited days to spend with people we love. Love your loved ones sincerely and fiercely. Treasure all the priceless moments with them, the best you can be.

Our time is running out. We never know when will we say the final goodbye. Life is short, there will be a moment when we realize there is no turning back, no second chance to make everything up.

The people we love…

They may fall asleep, and never wake up. They may go to some places, but never return. They may put a smile, hug you tight and look deep through your eyes.. Only to make you realize that it was their last smile, their last look, their last hug.

And no matter how much we might delude ourselves otherwise, no fantasy, memory, artificial recreation, or emotional projection can match the fulfillment of true connections between human beings.

No, never. People and the certain memories about them, are irreplaceable.

We never know what we’ve got till it’s gone. So come home early, say sorry, learn to forgive and embrace the ones you love with all the feelings and emotions you have inside.

Never let it slipped through your fingers. Never let yourself drown in regrets. Never let go of what you can hold today. At least until the final moment.

~ Jakarta, May 2018.. time is more valuable than money, because time is irreplaceable..


[ image source: Tumblr ]


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