A Girl Who Doesn’t Wear Make Up


This is the appeal of a woman who doesn’t wear makeup…

She’s comfortable in her own skin.

She accepts her imperfections.

She doesn’t need compliments or flattery to feel worthy.

She’s too busy to take the time to apply eyeliner.

She’s got good genes.

She’s confident in herself.

She’s not worried about her mascara fading.

She’s not always staring at herself in the mirror.

She’s accepted her least attractive version of herself.

She’s never going to pretend to look like someone else.

She’s not scared of what men think of her.

She doesn’t search for acceptance in anyone but herself.

She doesn’t let her beauty define her.

She doesn’t get upset when she’s missing lipstick.

She looks her age.

She doesn’t make you guess what she really looks like.

She doesn’t take hours to get ready.

She doesn’t spend her money on tubes and compacts.

She’s not worried about smudges and smears.

She finds beauty in the untouched.

She makes people feel comfortable.

She’s not afraid to show you her true self.

She’s not competitive with other women.

She’s a woman who doesn’t give in to societal pressures or the allure of a “sexier” image.

She doesn’t spend hours in front of the mirror, but rather, uses that time for other things.

She’s confident in a different type of way.

She’s the girl who really doesn’t care if you’re offended by her inability to apply bronzer.


So why hide behind pounds of cosmetic binding? The girl who doesn’t wear makeup isn’t afraid to expose her true self, the face she was born with.


~ Courtesy: elitedaily.com | via superbmother ~

[ image source: Pinterest ]


7 thoughts on “A Girl Who Doesn’t Wear Make Up

  1. Assalaamu ‘alaikum Mbak Meut. Sukaa banget sama postingan2 Mbak di blog, Facebook, Tumblr. Semuanya bermanfaat. Ditambah lagi ilustrasi gambar yang manis-manis. Saya jadi suka shabby chic gara-gara Mbak lho hihi. Salam kenal ya Mbak. Semoga terus menebar manfaat. Barakallaahu fiik.


    • Wa’alaikumussalam mbak Rizki, alhamdulillah.. haadza min fadhli Rabbi. Semoga apa yg saya tulis dapat terus bermanfaat 🙂

      Masa sih mbak? Padahal saya bukan penggemar shabby chic, lho. Cuma emang suka aja sama yang berbau2 pastel dan bunga2, hehehe.

      Aamiin. Wafiyk barakallaah mbak ^^


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