Quality Over Quantity


Di saat orang lain berlomba-lomba mencari teman dan follower di sosial media, saya malah cenderung tidak mau banyak-banyak teman dan difollow atau di-add as friend sama orang.

Saya jarang sekali follow atau add someone as friend, di sosmed manapun. Kecuali saya benar-benar tertarik dan ingin berteman dengannya, atau untuk tujuan khusus seperti kasus plagiator kemarin.

Semua friend requests masih pending. Opsi follow pun saya tutup. I want to keep my private life, private.

Banyak message requests yang masuk…

“Mbak, sudah tidak bisa di-add ya?”

“Buka opsi follow dong mbak..”

I’m not an introvert one, tapi saya merasa sangat nyaman dengan sedikit teman. Sedikit teman namun sangat berarti. For me, having a lot of friends or followers doesn’t mean a thing.

Dan tidak hanya di sosial media, di dunia nyata pun saya tidak mudah dekat dan percaya dengan orang lain, terlebih yang baru dikenal. Bagi saya, berhati-hati itu lebih baik daripada menyesal karena terlalu mudah percaya untuk kemudian merasa kecewa.

Saya memang membatasi diri untuk terlalu terbuka dengan orang yang tidak saya kenal dengan baik. Bukan karena saya merasa lebih baik dari mereka, namun murni karena faktor kenyamanan dan kepercayaan. Not everyone who smiles at you is your friend.

I believe when it comes to trust and friendship, being picky is a must.

Be with people whom you can stay genuine and comfortable with your own skin. People who support your life goals and believe in you. People who accept you as who you are, and they want you to stay there with them.

Without any mask, fakeness, lies, intrigue, conspiracy, pointless drama and unnecessary arguments.

It’s better to have few true friends than a lot of false and fake friends. True friends that you must keep, they will always stand by your side and never leave, no matter what.

“As we grow up, we realize it becomes less important to have a ton of friends, and more important to have real ones.” ~Unknown

Keep your circle small with positive minded individuals who only come to grow with you, and not to take advantage of you. Your circle should be good for your mental health and help you to become a better person.

Be careful who you open up to, not everyone is on the same level of thought as you are. Not everyone is kind, not everyone is sincere, and not everyone cares.

Remember, you don’t need a certain number of friends, just a number of friends you can be certain of. Surround yourself with people who will lift you higher, not the ones who love to bring you down.

Evaluate your circle so you can elevate your life. Sometimes your circle decreases in size, but increases in value. Quality over quantity.


~ Jakarta, one serene morning of January 2017.. Quoted from last year Facebook status.

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3 thoughts on “Quality Over Quantity

  1. ketika orang folow kita.. berarti kita punya nilai… biarlah mereka yg akan menentukan baik buruknya tulisan kita….

    Kritik akan menjadikan power buat lebih baik.


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