He is The Man

white rose

The good righteous husband is the man..

Who will choose you because the woman you are.
Not because of a tight jeans or a short dress.

He is the man who will appreciate your loose Hijab.
Even before seeing you with a beautiful haircut, make-up and attractive clothes.

He is the man who lowers his gaze.
So that you become the only woman he sees in Halal..

He is the man who will choose you to be his gift from Allah..
For fighting temptations of other women.

He is the man who preserves his heart for you..
So that you can live in it peacefully.

He is the man whose love will make you stronger and closer to Allah.

He is a gift from Allah… especially for you.

In-shaa Allah : )

—  via islamic-quotes

© aisyafra.wordpress.com

[ image source: Flower Story ]


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